Ideal with a Chef Dessert

22 NIS
Big means more room for delicious toppings

27 NIS
Skip lunch have a yogurt instead

31 NIS
We took one of the great classic of our diet, the yogurt, and we made it younger, lighter, fresher to become the frozen yogurt, yogo for short.Those of you looking for a healthy treat, take our homemade yogurt topped with your choice of fresh, seasonal fruits or granola or a variety of chocolates and sweets. Many of the toppings are made in our kitchen by our passionate chocolatier. We mix chocolates with nuts, pecans, berries and waffle cones to produce delicious and crunchy toppings to make each cup of yogurt unique.Our Italian yogurt is only 2.8% fat, has 157 calories, and 3.9% proteins per 100 gr.
*Only available in certain branch
Half Kilo // 500g of pleasure 65 NIS
Kilo // Twice the pleasure 125 NIS
Topping // Add some deliciousness to your frozen yogo and ask our staff for the fresh topping of the day 4 NIS